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Environmental Policy


L&M Traffic Services Pty Ltd activities will be carried out so as to protect the health of employees, trainees, customers, contractors, and community while paying proper regards to the protection and management of the environment.

L&M Traffic Services Pty Ltd is committed to the protection of the environment in all its activities.

L&M Traffic Services Pty Ltd will endeavour to conduct its activities in a manner that is environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Primary Goal

The Primary Goal of the Environmental Policy and associated procedures is to assist maintaining the highest environmental standards.


The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Meet and exceed all legal and regulatory requirements for environmental management and protection; and where these are lacking or insufficient to protect the environment, apply best practice stands that will ensure the environment is protected
  • Maintain awareness within L&M Traffic Signals Pty Ltd activities of the responsibilities of the L&M Traffic Signals Pty Ltd employees, staff, contractors and affected people to ensure protection of the environment
  • Regularly review the L&M Traffic Signals Pty Ltd activities to identify and assess the environmental impact associated with these activities; and implement and maintain management systems, processes, programs and procedures to ensure the environment is protected including the control of discharge of waste emissions, or any other potentially environmentally hazardous conditions that may harm the environment.
  • Provide an environmental emergency response program for unforeseen events so as to minimise the risk to people, facilities, and assets.
  • Provide environmental training for employees, staff, visitors, and affected people where applicable.

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